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Raktim 7.7.2015 09:37:
Did Estate Agents Find Time Machine and Think it`s 2006?Estate agents are dersapete to see the over inflated house prices continue so their commissions dont suffer. They have to be more honest to clients and not so greedy.Fact is in this climate of austerity and job losses houses are still over priced. Deutsche Bank recent assesment is that UK housing is 30% overpriced to earnings ratios. They are right and a second crash will follow soon.There is a stand off beween sellers holding out for prices they think the property is worth and buyers not wanting to get caught with negative equity again. The majority of sales going through are those with equity. The mad rush of illegal immigration is over, we have no jobs for immigrants thus the housing inflation pressures are over and gone too.All the signals are toward much lower house prices until earnings ratios are at more sensible levels.Some agents now advertise prices in bandings a3175k a3215k for a property, a a340k difference is rediculous. Thats not a valuation, thats pin the tail on the donkey isnt it? Shows they do not know the value of housing even with their best friend Zoopla valuations onboard.I wont name the agents but houses originally on sale for a3179K, have been going with my offer of a3150k .and thats what I was increased to. Nigh on a330K difference due to the fact thats what I could only afford to pay.Anybody with a brain can see incomes in acceptable ratios to prices is what kept the housing market going in the past. We`ve gone past that point years ago. Dodgy mortgages are out so the only medicine is higher earnings (not going to happen) or lower prices.The corperates have been very clever at helping themselves to disposable incomes with Sky Tv, Mobile phone contracts, games consoles et al .and now households do not have any money left in the pot.It has been long overdue in my opinion but the property media outlets will still continue to big up the housing market to avoid their margins being eroded.Youre just extending your pain my friends!
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